10 Best Gifts For Gamers In 2021

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    We’ve seen a lot of lists out there that try to cover the best gifts for gamers. We wanted to take things a step further and compile a list of what we believe will be the most popular gaming accesories of 2021. These are gifts every gamer can use no matter what system or game they’re playing. Every year, we like to take a look at new trends and products that are becoming popular and think about how they’ll fare in the future. Here are 10 gifts for gamers that you should consider buying in 2021.
    polk audio signa s2 ultra-slim tv sound bar

    Any gamer who enjoys playing games on a TV can appreciate rich, enveloping sound without having to wear a headset. This speaker upgrade delivers that promise and won’t break the bank. Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim Sound Bar is an ultra-slim and wireless sound bar that has been designed to blend seamlessly into your home entertainment system. It features a modern design, which includes a sleek silver metal grille, and it’s finished with a black glass top panel. This Polk Audio sound bar has been designed to provide clear high fidelity sound and crystal clear dialogue. The included wireless subwoofer provides bass response, for a truly immersive surround sound experience.

    hyperx cloud alpha s - pc gaming headset

    Ask any gamer and they’ll tell you there’s a difference betwern a good and a truly great headset. They can make all the difference with a deeper level of immersion and making sounds and effects lifelike that would otherwise go unnoticed. The HyperX Cloud Alpha is a performance-driven headset designed to bring gamers the competitive edge they need to win. Equipped with a noise-cancelling microphone and in-line audio controls, this headset is also ideal for co-streamers. The Cloud Alpha’s dual chamber 50mm drivers separate your voice chat from game audio, delivering the clearest communication. Its lightweight, ergonomic design with plush memory foam and adjustable headband ensures maximum comfort during marathon gaming sessions.

    official street fighter christmas sweater

    The two most iconic video game characters ever, Ken and Ryu are both featured in the Official Street Fighter Ken Vs. Ryu Christmas Jumper/Ugly Sweater. This officially licensed 100% knitted jumper features the two fighters using their trademark “Hadouken” move with a fun winter theme. This awesome sweater is an ideal gift for any classic video gamer fan this Christmas!

    sega genesis mini

    Bring this favorite retro game console to the modern era with this Sega Genesis Mini. Boasting 40 games, including “Castlevania,” “Sonic the Hedgehog” and “Golden Axe,” it has everything you need to relive those childhood gaming days in a contemporary form. Everything you need is included, from two wired controllers to a power cable and HDMI cable, for easy plug-and-play gaming. Whether you’re nostalgic for the 1990s or simply want to try something new, this retro gaming console offers a little something for everyone.

    under desk bike pedal exerciser

    This is quite a fun and easy way to exercise while gaming! The Under Desk Exercise Bike is perfect for the gamer that never has time to workout between gaming sessions. This magnetic mini exercise bike provides a healthy way to get in kick ass shape. With multiple resistance levels, gamers will love the challenge of “leveling up” and mastering this device – and their physical fitness at the same time.

    blade hawks rgb gaming extra large mouse pad

    If you are a PC gamer, mouse pad space can definitely become a limiting factor – especially if you’re playing fast paced games. So having more mouse pad space is a great gift! The rubber base makes it anti-slip and safe to use on any surface, allowing you to play any game comfortably. And it’s easy on your wrist so you can play longer without getting tired. You’ll have better control over your mouse and be able to target enemies faster than ever before. It’s also waterproof, which means those quick sips taken while gaming that might splash around are no problem for this mouse pad.

    steam gift card - $50

    This might be our favorite gift to give instead of actually giving actual games. Games can be so hard to pick from (which is why we prefer to list accessories in this list). With the steam gift card this money’s as good as gold. Gamers can pick just the right game to pickup that they’ve been eyeing. Maybe it’s something on their friends wish list, or a new game that’s not out yet. Play it safe and gift this card instead of picking one out and getting the wrong game!

    rgb headphones stand

    Help them keep an organized gaming space and avoid headphones strewn about their desk! This headphones stand is a modern, stylish and elegant stand that can be used for holding any headphones. The stand also has RGB backlights to produce a colorful atmosphere for any desk and adds style to any environment.The 3.5mm AUX & 2 USB Ports are specially designed to connect with your PC, Laptop or Tablet via the standard USB port. Now they can replace all those other chargers and streamline their desk, freeing it from clutter.

    high back gaming chair

    Long gaming sessions can take a real toll on the body. Maintaing proper body posture is critical to make sure the time spent gaming today doesn’t hurt them tomorrow. This ergonomic and adjustable computer gaming chair allows you to play or work in a healthy sitting posture, alleviating strain from your back, neck, arms, legs and even eyes. The ergonomic design of the Homall swivel task chair allows proper support for your lower back while its adjustable height will meet different users’ needs. With modern and stylish appearance as well as comfortable feeling, this swivel task chair can be a perfect match for your home office or bedroom. It is also an ideal gift for friends or family who like playing computer games at home!

    adjustable memory foam floor chair

    If you’re shopping for someone who loves console gaming, this is a great alternative to a desk chair. It’s also a great addition to any dorm room or bedroom. This chair provides the ultimate comfort unlike any other dorm chair. It can adjust to 14 different positions which is great for reading, studying, gaming and much more. The ergonomic design makes it an exceptional comfortable floor chair that will help you relax while playing your video games or reading a good book.